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Exercise Experiencing Personal Healing

Spiritual Direction >

  • Read Luke 8:43 -48
  • In your quiet time, “Step in” as the woman who has a long drawn issue/problem.
  • Do you have the same faith that you’ll be healed with just touching Jesus’ cloak?
  • Jesus felt power has moved from him? Could you feel the power move to you?
  • Why did Jesus persist to find out who touched him after everyone denied?
  • Is God satisfied with impersonal healing or does he want real connection?


New to Stepping In and the S.T.A.R.T prayer process? Start here

S-tep In

(As someone who has a long term illness that need the touch of God)

T-hank Him

(For all the things you can think of today whether big or small)

A-sk Him

(To give you the desires of your heart)

R-eview Your Day

(How was God present in your situation?)

T-urn Back

(From what God show you that isn’t right)

S-tart Again

(With a new acceptance of God’s healing, I restart my day)


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HT is an orphan advocate, kids pastor and a social entrepreneur. He founded "Little Ignatian" a blog that you can pray not just read.

3 Replies to “Exercise Experiencing Personal Healing”

  1. This is a great exercise for spiritual direction. I do believe that we all should go thru these steps. I know they make me feel better on the inside, along with hope, hope that the next will be better than the day before.

  2. That was wonderful ! Sometimes it’s best to take some time to yourself and meditate on your purpose and the purpose of the day ! I have a saying that if God’s not in it, you won’t win it !
    Have a great day !

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