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Joseph Accepts Jesus As His Son – Exercise For Accepting God’s Will In Our Life


New to Stepping In and the S.T.A.R.T prayer process? Start here

S-tep In

(As Joseph who just received the dream)

Spiritual Direction >

  • Read Matthew 11:18-24
  • In your quiet time, “Step in” as Joseph who just woke up from the dream where the angel told him to accept Mary as his wife. What goes through your mind?
  • Recall the day before you receive the news from Mary that she’s pregnant. What went through your mind then that is different now (after the dream).

T-hank Him

(For his presence in my life and all things big or small)

A-sk Him

(To clarify what He wants me to accept in His will)

R-eview Your Day

(When was God near and when was He far away in the past day)

T-urn Back

(From moving away from Him to moving closer)

S-tart Again

(With a new acceptance of God’s will, I restart my day)


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