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Judas’ Remorse – Exercise Valuing Material vs Spiritual Things

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  • Read Matthew 27:1-10 and commit the account into memory.
  • In your quiet time, “Step in” as Judas and contemplate the value of 30 silver coins.
  • What do I value more compared to Jesus in my life?
  • Instead of taking things into your own hands, how would you respond to the sin of valuing other things over our relationship with Jesus?
  • Come to Jesus and have a personal conversation with him at the foot of the cross.

New to Stepping In and the S.T.A.R.T prayer process? Start here

S-tep In

(As Judas contemplating the value of his 30 silver coins)

T-hank Him

(Start with gratitude for all the good things big or small in your day)

A-sk Him

(How should I value the things of the Kingdom)

R-eview Your Day

(When did the Holy Spirit appear valued and when not during the day)

T-urn Back

(From my old ways to the way of God)

S-tart Again

(With a new attitude of what I value, I restart my day again)


Contemplating The Empty Tomb at Easter? 

HT is an orphan advocate, kids pastor and a social entrepreneur. He founded "Little Ignatian" a blog that you can pray not just read.

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